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Memphis Rat Removal

  1. Types of Rats
  2. Rat removal tips
  3. Rat Repellant
  4. Rat Ultra-sonic device
  5. Strobe lights
  6. Keep rats away
  7. How to Find a dead rat
  8. Rat poop
  9. Rat damages, dangers, and repairs with pictures

“Sometimes a customer has a rat problem at night and a squirrel problem by day “

- they all follow the same urine trails into your attic!

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Memphis Rat Removal

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Memphis residents that have rat or rodent problems will need a pro. We can find a dead rat in a wall or attic, clean up an d get rid of the smell. We specialize in finding those critters that scratch in the wall at  night driving you crazy!

If you hear running around like a football game is going on up there in the attic or if it sounds like a ball is rolling around that’s a good sign you got a rat problem.

If you hear the noise in the middle of the night in just one spot and then in the evening it may be a squirrel. We can figure it out and get rid of it so you can sleep at night!

People ask “are squirrels active at night?” Sure they can be but they are most active in the morning and the evening.

If you want to solve the problem for good and not just “treat it” then we are the people to call. Our goal is to make sure you never have a rodent problem again!

Memphis Rat Removal - find a local rat removal exterminator to remove, get rid of rats from a wall - rats on a fence, bush, attic or an infestation